BeBetterFoam Technology

Pura Naturals®

  • Keeps water out, inhibiting the ability for bacteria to grow; it will never smell bad
  • No glue or adhesives used on the scrubber
  • Scrubber made from recycled plastic & walnut shells.
  • Scrubber sticks naturally during the handmade manufacturing process
  • Carbon Negative Footprint during manufacturing process
  • Added during manufacturing process: Water (<1%)
  • Non-toxic and harmless to our environment

"Traditional" Sponge

  • Traditional Kitchen Sponge has more BACTERIA than ANY other item/area in your home
  • Absorbs water, allowing bacteria to grow. That is why the sponge smells badly
  • Scrubber contains harmful glues & adhesives
  • Wood cellulose with harmful chemicals added during the manufacturing process.
  • Added during manufacturing process: Ammonia, Sulfur, carbon disulfide, sodium sulfate, bleach
  • If it gets too hot, it emits toxic gases


Most Importantly

Pura Naturals® has a Carbon Negative Footprint during manufacturing process and is proudly “Made in the USA.” We also have the ability to ADD biodegradable soap.

The competition…….they have a harmful post-manufacturing effluence and are “sourced globally."


Take the Smell Test

Open the unused sponge and smell it. The Pura Naturals® sponge will never smell bad; the other chemically produced sponge smells bad before you use it!